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Why are poor people allowed to vote damnit!?

April 9, 2010

Doctor Zero fights Obamacare the only way he knows how....

The always clear concise Dr. Zero (PhD) has a new post up at Hot Air in which he asks a simple question… why are those dirty poor people allowed to vote?:

A correspondent recently raised the question of reforming the American electoral system so that only those who pay income tax are allowed to vote.  It’s a provocative notion, even though it Ain’t Gonna Happen… at least, not on this side of a systemic breakdown that puts everything on the table.

It COULD happen, but first we need to ship all those scruffy, unkempt poor people off to concentration, I mean… “happy” camps, where they wouldn’t be able to bother the rest of us moderately wealthy, industrious folk who DESERVE to cast ballots.

If taxation without representation was an outrage that sparked the Revolution, why is representation without taxation acceptable?

My thoughts exactly, it’s not like poor people pay any other taxes or anything. Dirty hippies.

Allowing net tax consumers to vote seems like an inherently dangerous practice, given their numbers – we’ve reached the point where 47% of American households pay no income tax – and their strong motivation to support politicians who promise endlessly increasing benefits.  When politicians loaded with vast public funds to purchase votes meet up with a population eager to sell its votes for benefits, a grim marketplace will inevitably develop.

You see the problem here…. self preservation. Unlike us reasonably wealthy types who pay taxes, all those grungy poor people shouldn’t be allowed to vote based on their own self interest. They should vote based on OURS. That’s why I’ve decided we should install brainwashing mechanisms in all concentra—-grrr—happy camps, to ensure this sort of ridiculous self interested voting never happens again.

The high-rolling politician secures victory by defeating the productive, and creating a dependency class large enough to smother taxpayer revolts at the ballot box.

Because only the rich are productive. This is Econ 101 people.

It would also tend to cut down on voter fraud, since the IRS puts a great deal of effort into tracking people who owe taxes.

We ALL know about the voting fraud epidemic currently sweeping the country, aided by the George Soros funded ACORN, with the help of Ecuadorian pimps who prostitute children and harvest old peoples organs for drug money.

It’s not welfare, as conventionally understood, that is killing us.

No, but it is giving us mild cancer…. right? *crosses fingers*

The truth is that middle-class entitlements are the unsustainable tumor which fills the beds of Hospice America.

And with this recession, we have a shortage of beds… especially in Hospice America! Solution: let the tumor spread a bit first. Whats a few people compared to dump trucks full of cash.

Social Security, Medicare, and now ObamaCare will swell to consume the entire federal budget, along with much of the wealth produced by the entire planet, within the next two decades.

And then the three will converge to create a perfect storm that transforms into a black hole that swallows up the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Seriously, it’s in the CBO projections.

ObamaCare isn’t a system of health-care vouchers for the poor, financed by a tax on the middle and upper classes.  It’s a complete takeover of the insurance industry, designed to ensnare both the middle and lower classes, with the ultimate goal of directly controlling fifteen percent of our economy.

All insurance companies will be merged into the Government and forced to do EVERYTHING Lord Obama III tells them. Anyone who deviates….. off with their heads!

Our reverence for the Republic is only returned in full when our democratically elected representatives exercise limited powers, within the boundaries of laws they cannot break, or redefine to serve their ambitions.

Except when it comes to National Security of course. They can break a few laws there.

The illusion that we can control them with the threat of future elections should have died forever in the squalid back-alley birth of ObamaCare.

Yea, if it weren’t for those damn pro-lifers we could’ve aborted Obamacare….

Its birthing cries drowned out the objections of sixty percent majorities, and shattered the eardrums of business managers, from Caterpillar to AT&T.

And it raped my grandmother while I watched.

Representation without taxation is not our fatal problem.

Not a FATAL problem, but still a problem…. right? *crosses fingers*

People from every income group should accept the responsibility to vote wisely….

Of course, by “voting wisely” we mean “You should only REALLY vote Conservatively, anything else is totally stupid.”

……and insist on absolute fidelity to the Constitution – that mighty covenant between free men and the lawful republic they defied the guns of empire to raise.

Well, maybe not “absolute.” We wouldn’t to take away the Presidents ability to detain people indefinitely without charges within American jurisdiction or torture brown people with funny Arabic names, now would we?

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